Are you a filmmaker with footage to sell? Could your content be part of a new educational video series?

We produce videos for education, with a focus on English language teaching. We're developing a new series for use in learning environments around the world, and we want your content.

In the past we've used everything from news to entertainment and short-form to series, and worked with suppliers ranging from international production companies to independent YouTube talent. We want to hear from you, whether you've got one really great short, or a huge archive of material up your sleeve. Earn money for your content and work with DLA.


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We have a number of videos in production already, and we’re looking to build ongoing relationships with content owners. Be one of them.

How does it work?

  • We review your content, confirm if it's what we're looking for, and agree a rate

  • We then match your content against our variety of topics and subject areas, to find a way to use it in our videos

  • If we use your material, we pay you a non-exclusive educational licence that leaves you free to exploit your work elsewhere, commercially and non-commercially


What are we looking for?

  • Captivating character-led content spanning a range of themes such as adventure travel, hobbies, animals, sport, passions, city/country life, new experiences, school, challenges, contemporary issues, or simply pieces about people with an interesting story to tell

  • High production values: great picture, great sound

  • Speakers with clear, natural spoken English (all accents accepted)

  • Classroom-appropriate storylines: no alcohol, sex, drugs, or nudity

  • Split tracks/confirmation that you can provide us with music-free content

  • Evidence that you own the underlying rights - including 3rd party - or have cleared them

  • Consent from those featured in the content


If you have content that meets our criteria, click the button below to get in touch.


If you'd like to ask a question or would simply like to know more, please send an email to