DLA’s authentic video is already changing the way global education suppliers engage students and deliver more effective digital learning. We work with international publishers to create Video Integrated Learning (VIL) for students of all ages and abilities. We partner with the world’s best TV producers and online talent to create real-life video that is carefully targeted at learners with levelled scripts and curriculum alignment. The videos launch a suite of connected learning resources for classroom, blended or individual use. Our VIL covers ELT, K-12, and vocational courses and aligns with 21st Century Skills and Transverse Learning standards.  


What we do and how we do it

These videos show a bit of what we're about. Watch 'The Shard' to see how a prime time documentary is turned into engaging material for career development. The 'Making of: The Shard' shows just how we go about turning television into educational films.

'The Shard’ is a short video made for a lesson on career development for 16-19 year olds. The video is an authentic documentary showing an apprentice developing skills in a new role outside of education. Teacher’s notes suggest activities prior to and after watching to develop students’ thinking from topics explored in the media. 

The production of a DLA film is handled with expert care - from brief to scripting, production and delivery. Watch to see how we locate stories from the world’s best broadcasters and turn them into bespoke educational content.

Recent projects


Pre-University and Private Language School

In this 70-unit business English course for young adults, to be launched 2018, videos are used as the kick-off point for each topical unit. The publishers asked DLA to create real-life video case studies edited from multiple sources of global business programming, to expose learners to authentic stories and speakers from modern global business settings. DLA is matching the client's commissioning grid of business topics to three CERF language levels, and the final product includes not only the crafted 3-minute films that will sit at the core of the syllabus, but also the transcripts, further reading, and worksheets with language and business content.

Primary School

DLA created a VIL package for a major global primary ELT publisher, to be released in 2017. The 54 videos, sourced from authentic footage from around the world, were produced with ELT expertise with language graded scripts to CERF A1 and A2. The video pedagogy was designed to drive connected learning and integrate 21st-century learning targets and the best CLIL practices. DLA’s VIL suite included fully-linked teacher guidance and over 150 activities suitable for modern digital learners that explore STEM topics in depth and encourage broader thinking.

This is fantastic! Great shot selection, great characters, good vocabulary, really nice packages.
— Publisher, Secondary ELT

Secondary School

A leading schools publisher commissioned DLA to build the digital resources for students on the road to Cambridge exams. The authentic content creates compelling story-driven videos in a variety of styles to lead learners in a fusion of language and critical thinking skills at levels from A1 (beginner) through to C1 (advanced). The editorial and the range of styles includes drama, documentary, entertainment and news, and the units are designed to be engaging and entertaining for the mid to late teen cohort. As well as exposing students to natural language in authentic situations, the videos stimulate discussion, reflection and further enquiry. DLA is also producing the integrated support materials.

K-12 Geography

A major German educational publisher commissioned DLA to create engaging videos and supplementary educational materials for K-12 Geography students of ages 14-16.

DLA delivered the initial materials in 2017 which included authentic video from the 'real world' and specially shot interviews with a subject matter expert. The framework for the supplementary teaching materials was delivered in the form of three different performance levels for students and deliver to five key geographical competency areas in the German geography curriculum.

The topics are engaging and original and they display real English.
— ELT teacher