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The Best ELT Video in the World

Ready to Run is the award-winning series of authentic video experiences for English Language Teaching exclusively from DLA. Ready to Run is already used by some of the world’s leading ELT courses, using authentic video to change the way students learn English.

We’ve taken the best of broadcast, vloggers, and YouTube to develop effective and entertaining ELT learning resources. Each video is tailor-made in line with the CEFR framework and comes complete with a suite of supporting materials. Spanning dozens of real-world topics, Ready to Run offers learners the latest ELT materials in an innovative, flexible, and entertaining digital-first experience.

The Ready to Run catalogue is growing all the time. Check out the latest videos here….

A1 - B2 available now

The videos are excellent: lovely editing of pre-existing material and the telling of a story with level-appropriate language… It would be a pleasure to use these videos in class.
— ELT author

Video courses for teachers in refugee camps - from DLA


Ethiopia hosts nearly 1 million refugees from regional wars. Schools like this one in Sherkole refugee camp, used by 7,000 children mainly from South Sudan, Sudan, and the Congo, need to improve teaching and learning. That’s the kind of large-scale challenge DLA relishes: we are developing video and mobile content to train volunteer teachers to be effective in the classroom, and speak better English to their students. See the videos and read more here.