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16 February 2018 | The Five Pillars of Engaging Educational Video

"As educational filmmakers working with authentic footage on a daily basis, we know a thing or two about what makes an effective, engaging video for ELT."

Zoe Langston-Blass takes a look at the five pillars that are fundamental for creating engaging authentic video experiences in the ELT classroom. Read it here.

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7 February 2018 | Keeping up with authentic video

“Generation Z have high media literacy skills, let’s make the most of them!”

The topic of subtitles for ELT learners is still being wrestled with. Learners have different requirements of such a tool, dependent on their ability.

Elena Deleyto La Cruz summarises how subtitles influence learners' abilities to comprehend and interact with authentic video. Read it here.


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5 February 2018 | Guest blog: Video for ELT review by Michael Harrison

At the end the student felt very pleased with his progress and confident that he could learn quickly.

Michael Harrison has been working in English language learning for nine years. He has tutored with Pilgrims Language courses, Canterbury and Living Learning English, Bristol. Michael is a founding Director of one of East Africa’s oldest Swahili language schools, KIU Training Services which offers courses in Kiswahili and English.

In our first guest blog, Michael Harrison has reviewed a unit from our Video for ELT series, B2+ Home. Read the review here.


26 January 2018 | BETTblogs: Video in courses. Who wins and who loses?

The rise of video sets some questions to everyone involved in learning design and syllabus content. Do we prioritise the impact and engagement that video can leverage through role identity? If so we may be educating students to a narrower world view. Or do we opt to give learners a full social picture, but risk that their retention and engagement metrics might be less than optimal?

Read Video in courses. Who wins and who loses?, the fourth and final in our new series of blogs created on the occasion of BETT 2018, here.

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25 January 2018 | BETTblogs: Assessing "authentic" video

“The ELT sector is moving to part or full digital delivery for language courses, and authentic video is the selling point of the new learning designs. A test of authentic video materials and lesson plans in language schools around the globe has given Digital Learning Associates (DLA) a glimpse of how this new learning design will be taken up in the ELT classroom.”

Read Assessing “authentic” video, the third in our new series of blogs created on the occasion of BETT 2018, here.

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24 January 2018 | BETTblogs: Parsnips, a protest

Naturally, ELT consumer markets vary wildly in terms of worldview. We get it, and work hard to offer content that is considered culturally appropriate for a global audience. However, we argue that this approach is fundamentally flawed. It’s based on a one-size-fits-all method of content creation. Sure, it’s economic, but is it ethical?

Read Parsnips, a protest, the second in our new series of blogs created on the occasion of BETT 2018, here.

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24 January 2018 | BETTblogs: Facing the challenges of STEM videos

Problem: Representing distant events

Solution: Similarities - we don’t have footage of the carboniferous era 300 million years ago, but a fern forest with leaves moving in the wind can do the trick!”

Read Facing the challenges of STEM videos, the first in our new series of blogs created on the occasion of BETT 2018, here.

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16 November 2017 | Unveiling a new look at learning: VIL

As part of our scheduled workshop at TESOL’s 2017 convention in Rome this Friday, DLA are delighted to announce that it will feature the first look at Video Integrated Learning (VIL), a theory about video-first learning by which we abide when working on a project.

You can read more about our appearance at TESOL here.

You can read more about VIL here.


13 October 2017 | Video for ELT now available

We're thrilled to announce that a new set of authentic videos for core ELT topics is now available from DLA. Featuring the best of broadcast, short documentary and vlogger material, each 2-3 minute video is accompanied by learning materials to help teachers engage students at levels from A1 to B2+, with further levels in development. These videos are the first from a series that will go into production, based on user feedback.

If you're an ELT teacher, you can learn more about the content and request your free sample package here.


10 October 2017 | MIPCOM 16 - 19 October 2017

DLA will be at MIPCOM talking to producers and distributors about opportunities for content owners in the education market. As demand grows for our next generation authentic videos, we need new sources of broadcast content across a variety of genres from all over the world.

If you are attending MIPCOM and want to speak to us about future revenue streams for rights holders, get in touch and we can arrange a meeting:   


4 October 2017 | K-12 Science video series

We have just delivered a suite of videos for high school life sciences in the USA. The videos were commissioned by a major publisher in the American K-12 market.

DLA has many years of experience bringing science subjects to life for learners using engaging authentic video. This project will be used across the public school system in Florida, the USA’s fourth most populous state.

Read our latest blog Six Secrets for Successful K-12 videos here.


23 June 2017 | Wrapping post-production on our latest project

Today we've been finishing post-production on our latest secondary ELT project. Spanning three language competency levels, the project features content from a span of genres, including ITV programmes and rising YouTube talent.

Created in partnership with ITN Productions for one of the world's largest education publishers, these videos and the accompanying teaching materials will be coming to a classroom near you in the very near future. 


21 June 2017 | DLA attends EdTechXEurope

EdTechXEurope brought together every aspect from the fast moving world of digital education into one exciting space. Making new connections and linking up with old ones is always a pleasure. We look forward to getting involved with the projects we learned about and are intrigued to see how they develop.


12 May 2017 | New blog post: Learning the Grammar of Video

Video is a language, and just like any other, it has a grammar as its structural architecture. When we learn any new language, the process of understanding its grammar is the key to unlocking potential and fluency. In film and video, shots are the words; sequences the clauses and sentences; moves, cuts, and mixes the punctuation. We can use the building blocks of video grammar to express the past as well as the present and to develop styles and genre.

Read it here.


7 May 2017 | DLA attends Innovate ELT in Barcelona

DLA had a speaking engagement at this year's Innovate ELT in Barcelona, from 5-7 May. The team travelled out to see our Barcelona-based Assistant Producer Elena, who then lead a workshop about using video in the classroom with Dan Mills from our strategic partner ITN Edu. It was a lively, fun and engaging conference and we look forward to going back next year.