Pearson launch new 'Big English' course with video from DLA

BigTV ident.png

DLA are delighted to announce that we have contributed to Pearson’s new course Big English 2nd Edition (American English).

DLA and ITN Productions Education developed and produced videos and learning activities for Big TV, the AV arm of the Big English experience. The videos we have created carefully align to each unit’s language, grammar and learning goals. And best of all, the material that we have remastered is all authentic content.

Authentic content in learning is crucial to erasing the line between ‘entertainment’ and ‘learning’. By treating the best content from news, documentary, and factual entertainment with the latest production techniques, we have made learning content that is indistinguishable from the media students will be consuming in their own time.  

Pearson describe Big TV as an “innovative way to digitally deliver CLIL to students” and each video comes equipped with carefully designed pre-, during, and post-watching activities and projects, all carefully mapped to the CEFR and GSE framework.

Designed for achieving results, Big English 2nd Edition (American English) delivers comprehensive English language acquisition alongside CLIL and broader life skills, supported by unique online digital teacher and student resources.

You can order Big English 2nd Edition (American English) from Pearson now.