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Video courses for teachers in refugee camps - from DLA

Ethiopia hosts nearly 1 million refugees from regional wars. Schools like this one in Sherkole refugee camp, used by 7000 children mainly from South Sudan, Sudan, and the Congo, need to improve teaching and learning.That’s the kind of large-scale challenge DLA relishes: we are developing video and mobile content to train volunteer teachers to be effective in the classroom, and speak better English to their students. See the videos and read more here.

ELT, teenagers, CEFR, authentic video, learning resources, Global Scale of English, CLIL

Pearson - Gold Experience 2nd Edition

DLA created authentic video and learning resources for Pearson’s Gold Experience 2nd Edition. This new edition of the fast-paced English language course motivates teenage students to build the language and skills they need in the classroom, exams, and the world beyond school.

ELT, business, teenagers, CEFR, authentic video, learning resources, Global Scale of English, CLIL

Pearson - Business Partner

DLA created authentic video and learning resources for Business Partner, a new English language course that gives students the practical training they need to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work.

assessment, authentic video, research and development, ELT

Cambridge English Assessment - R&D authentic video in assessment

DLA is collaborating with Cambridge English Assessment to explore and develop new ways that authentic video can be used in English language assessment. With a focus on the core assessment areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, this is an ongoing R&D project that will change the face of language assessment.

animation, editorial, blog, higher education, recruitment, marketing, online learning

Laureate Partners - Animation and editorial

DLA produced editorial and animations for Laureate Partners, a body that manages multiple HE institutions. We interviewed alumni for a series of subject-specific microblogs, and collaborated with Risk of Bear to produce provocative topical animations for social media.

authentic video, CEF, American English, ELT

Cambridge University Press - Evolve

DLA created authentic video for Evolve, an American English language course from Cambridge University Press that gets students speaking with confidence.

ELT, primary, CEFR, Global Scale of English, authentic video, learning resources, CLIL

Pearson - Big English

DLA created authentic video and learning resources for Big English, a primary English language course that delivers comprehensive language acquisition alongside CLIL and broader life skills.

Geography, German, authentic video

Cornelsen - Authentic video series

DLA produced a series of authentic German language Geography videos for Cornelsen, one of Europe’s largest educational publishers.

ELT, teenagers, CEFR, Global Scale of English, authentic video, teenagers

Pearson - Highnote

DLA created authentic video for Highnote, an English language course from Pearson focusing on language acquisition for students aged 16+.

learning design, app, training, vocational, hospitality

Hello Forward - Hello Beer

DLA produced the learning design for vocational training app Hello Beer. Designed to teach and assess both theory and practical skills, Hello Beer is a disruptive training experience for the hospitality sector.

LMS, rollover, audit, correction, proofing, higher education, online learning

OES - LMS audit and correction

DLA undertook LMS audit and corrections across multiple subjects for international online HE course provider Online Education Services.

Biology, Science, Higher Education, archive, K-12

Pearson - K-12 Science video series

DLA produced a series of K-12 Biology and Natural Sciences videos for Pearson Florida, curating hundreds of film and video archive clips with bespoke graphics.

Instructional Design, course build, vocational, online learning

London College of Beauty Therapy - ID and build

DLA completed the instructional design and build for a flexible digital vocational course from the London College of Beauty Therapy.