ELT teachers consistently wish for authentic videos and inspiring video-led learning materials. But it can be hard to find resources with graded natural speech and commentary that you can use anywhere, any time. Not any more. A new set of authentic videos for core ELT topics is now available from DLA in our exclusive series, Ready to Run.

Ready to Run for teachers

Pioneering colleges can have free early access to our innovative ELT teaching resource that boosts student recruitment and school margins.

The Ready to Run catalogue was launched at IATEFL this year to give schools an easy way to serve graded authentic video and blended study packs to Generation Netflix students. The content is licensed from popular media sources like broadcast and YouTube, then re-edited for the ELT syllabus and graded for CEFR levels A1 to B2. Already validated with awards and take-up by the bigger ELT publishers, our authentic video units will transform youth, adult and young learner courses in general English or IELTS pathways. Our videos are available only to ELT professionals: students have to be on courses to get access.

Our earlybird schools offer is available now and covers a 3 month free access starting 1st December 2018 to the Ready to Run library of 30+ graded ELT videos made for engagement and blended learning in the classroom:

  • Unlimited class use of videos aligned to core ELT syllabus at CEFR A1 A2 and B1

  • Downloadable Teacher’s Guide for each video including activities and transcript

  • Training in blended learning pedagogy for your teaching staff

  • A 50% discounted subscription for the remainder of 2019, to an extended library of 60+  videos also including CEFR B1+ and B2 after March 2019

Our resources include


Volcano Adventure (A1 - Technology)

Sam Cossman explores the world’s most dangerous places and uses innovative technology to capture footage that has never been seen before. He shares his mission to the depths of an active volcano where he captures VR footage inside the crater.

Vocabulary/Grammar: Technology, Prepositions of place, "Get" collocations

Grammar: Plurals, A/an/the

CLIL/C21 skills: Geography, Science


What can you buy for €1 in a Norwegian supermarket? (A2 - Food)

Monica, a Portuguese vlogger living in Norway, carries out an experiment to reveal the true cost of living. How much food can she buy in her local supermarket for one euro or less? The answer might surprise you.

Vocabulary: Food items, Other food-related terms

Grammar: Countable and uncountable

CLIL/C21 skills: Cookery, Geography, Economics


Can a Computer Write a Hit Musical? (B1 - Performing Arts)

West End theatre producers and computer scientists are an unlikely match, but they join forces in an experiment to create the world's first computer-generated musical. We watch from the wings as they battle to get the show ready in time.

Vocabulary: Performing Arts, Strong adjectives, Intensifiers

Grammar: Connectors, Question tags

CLIL/C21 skills: Literature and Media, Art


Each Ready to Run unit comes complete with downloadable and printable written resource packs. These feature pre-, during and post-watching activities designed by ELT specialists to make the most of student’s time and maximise learning. These flexible activities can be used in full, in part, or simply as inspiration. These are accompanied by student handouts and a complete transcript, to provide text support at every stage of the learning process. You can download a sample pack by clicking the button below.


How do I get Ready to Run?


Try out the A2 video at the top of this page for free. You should have a password from us, though please use the form to ask if you need another.

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