ELT providers consistently wish for authentic videos and inspiring video-led learning materials. But it’s hard to find resources with natural speech and graded commentary that you can use anywhere, any time.

A new set of authentic videos for core ELT topics is now available from DLA. Careful production by ELT and video experts is applied to the best of global broadcast, short documentary and vlogger material. Each 2-3 minute video is accompanied by learning materials to help teachers engage students at levels from A1 to B1, and we have further levels already in development.

We shared a sample package of videos and resources in autumn 2017, and are currently working on developing the next phase of the project. You can still register your interest in accessing the materials by signing up below.



Our free resources and how to get them

We produce videos that are already being used in ELT classrooms around the world. Those who use them report a significant increase in learner engagement and understanding, meaning a better learning experience for teachers and students alike.

Our videos:

  • Captivating content from the real world

  • Featuring natural speech and graded commentary

  • On/off subtitles

  • All videos are pre-cleared for world rights, meaning you can use them anywhere, any time

  • Easy access: videos + learning resources available online

  • Video aligned to a specific vocabulary focus and grammar focus

Our supporting materials:

  • Aligned to CEFR framework

  • Full transcript

  • Approaches to natural English in the classroom

  • Activities created to get students to remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create language while applying 21st-century skills and CLIL along the way

  • Blended mode **streaming media player available from 2018**

Click the button below to register your interest in accessing this sample package of videos and materials.

Our sample package



This B2+ levelled video is designed to enable students to find out about unusual lifestyle choices and test their comprehension abilities on unscripted, informal speech.

The video comes packaged with:

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Student Worksheet
  • Full Transcript

If you are an ELT educator and you are interested in trying these out in your classroom, click the button below to register your interest.

If you'd like to ask a question or would simply like to know more, please send an email to zoe@digitallearningassociates.com