DLA in Bangladesh - Rohingya learning materials - March 2019 update

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With school-age children making up half of the 1 million Rohingya refugees living in camps in Cox’s Bazar, the need for a structured system of education is paramount. In March, working with UNICEF and the British Council, DLA sent the first round of English learning materials for Rohingya refugee teachers to print. The delivery supplies Rohingya teachers with materials to support 500,000 learners across four primary levels with three months of lessons, activities, and paper materials in the form of flashcards and storybooks. DLA produced a learning design responding to the five specific problem areas we identified in our research.

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The delivery of the first cycle of 288 lessons marks a milestone moment for DLA as leaders in learning design creation and materials production in crisis situations. With ongoing projects in Bangladesh and Ethiopia, DLA is on the frontline of crisis education, providing tangible solutions for unique and diverse educational needs.

Read more about our work with Rohingya refugees here.

Illustrations - Dhaka Comics

Pedagogical training

Easy to use step-by-step guides allow inexperienced teachers to deliver dynamic and engaging lessons with a clear sense of progression and built-in student assessment functions.

Contact time

A combination of active learning and self-learning activities takes learning beyond the classroom and into the world, drawing English language into sharp focus as a tool for communication and knowledge creation.

Multilingual context

The materials are being produced in English, Bangla and Myanmar language versions to accommodate for teachers’ limited English skills. Activities and lessons are designed to support holistic primary-level learning goals like motor reflex skills and reasoning.

Cultural sensitivity

The materials utilise bespoke visual learning aids like flashcards and storybooks to engage Rohingya learners and bring English language learning into a recognisable world.

High-speed delivery

DLA devised a unique template-based workflow which allows our team of writers in Bangladesh to create materials at high speed while maintaining high quality standards and continuity and progression throughout and between levels.

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