DLA: Winners of ELTons Innovation in Learner Resources


Zoe is one of the original DLA team and describes the journey towards their ELTons win.

Eighteen months ago, we set out to make Ready to Run - an authentic video-led English language resource for learners as well as teachers and educational clients. After an intense period of: obtaining engaging content from the likes of vloggers and documentary filmmakers; curating stories for ELT topics; grading natural language and voiceover; while simultaneously building learner resources around each video and an online platform on which to host all of the above… we finally completed 5 levels of our online ELT video resources!

When April came around, being announced as a finalist for the ELTons award for Innovation in Learner Resources felt like a huge marker of achievement and recognition already.

 But last week we were (and still are!) elated to have won it at the ELTons award ceremony hosted by the British Council. We’re excited because the award has not only cemented our standing in the realm of innovative learner resources. It signifies a move towards a wider-spread recognition for the use and development of real video content for language learning - something we’ve been passionate about for a long time.

Now, with the award firmly under our belt, we look forward to the many new projects in the pipeline and will continue to innovate and deliver more resources in which authentic video content will be key to language learning, development and engagement. So do stay tuned. But for now - that’s a wrap.